Friday, 18 March 2011

Colour knitting the two hand method

Decided to teach myself to knit with colour using both hands and DPNs to get myself ready for taking up fairisle.  I've done little swatches of it, but never large pieces and never on DPNs.   I really enjoyed myself just going round and round.  Didn't use a pattern, just let the colours go where I felt like putting them.  Eventually got quite dextrous.  This was last year and I've forgotten it all now. 

So, I ended up with a large tube of random coloured knitting and turned it into a bag with a knitted circle for a base (again on DPNs).  I got really carried away with the base and it's rather larger than needed, so the bag has an odd shape at the bottom.  And I made a fat I-cord handle for the top.   The whole thing looks like one of those old leather water buckets you might see in history books.  And it's actually rather useful, so Yah, Boo to those of my family who laugh when they see it.

Knitting on DPNs is addictive.  Once I start, I can't stop.