Saturday, 12 March 2011

Experiment with Brioche Stitch

Do you find that your mouse arm gets cold on the desk?  I can feel the pulses in my wrist getting cold and they send chilliness all round my body.

I had a couple of balls of something with no ball bands and decided to make chunky arm warmers in Brioche Stitch.   I wanted to have a go at making up my own design and although it still needs modifying, I'm quite pleased.  I found that K3,P3 rib went rather well with the Brioche stitch and it all combined for a 'slouchy' effect.  They go right up to my elbow and in a cold snap right now, that's very acceptable.

The buttons are hand made by McAnaraks and I bought them at Knit Nation 2010.  What a wonderful day that was.

The picture had to be of the left one.  With my camera it proved impossible to photograph my own right arm.  As you can see I ran out of yarn on the second one, so used several strands of finer yarns knitted together to finish off.  That's the slightly more blue section.   The warmers are 'handed' so at least I'll  be able to tell easily which is which.  There's always an up-side.