Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Funny Thing about Brioche Stitch

I know there are different kinds of Brioche Stitch, but even the basic instructions seem to vary.  I gather that it's not unusual for people to  have a bit of bother with it and so it's probably  not one for beginners.  After creating a lot of very weird looking effects by using instructions in books I found some demos on You Tube and actually created something that looked right.  I'm not entirely convinced it's the Brioche Stitch the books were telling me about, but hey - it worked.

Use a multiple of 3 stitches
*With Yarn in front, slip1 purlwise, K2tog with the yarn still at the front*  repeat to end of row
After every K2tog you have to bring the yarn back to the front again.

Just keep repeating this row.

This sample is in a vintage aran yarn - Patons Capstan which was all the rage in the late 70's. 
It gives a comparison with K1,P1 rib (at the top of the picture).  Interesting from the point of view of construction.