Friday, 1 April 2011

The Felted Jumper

So, more about the jumper I felted.  Here's where we left off.

The sleeves are off and I blanket stitched around the armholes with a very close buttonhole stitch at the underarms which seemed to be a weaker part.  
I measured across the bottom of the jumper and allowing for turnings cut out an oval shape from one of the sleeves to make a base.
I drew a line around the jumper on a big piece of paper and used that as a pattern, again allowing for seams, to cut out 2 pieces from some spare curtain lining I had hanging about.  I did the same with the base. 

I sewed the felted base shape to the bottom with very strong button thread from my old 'odds box'. 
I hemmed the upper edges of the lining and joined the front and back then sewed the base lining on at the bottom.  Adding the base to both the felted and the lining parts was a bit fiddly and a lot of adjustments needed to be made.  Then I put the lining in and slip stitched it in place.

I had some very lovely wooden handles given me by my sister.  These had been waiting for some special project for a long time.  I fed the neck of the jumper through these and sewed them in place with button thread. 

Yep, it's a knitting bag.  Already full of yarn for the next project.