Thursday, 21 April 2011

Knitted Bag

This is  bag designed by Sian Brown, it's called Swag Bag and can be found in Ravelry.  It's knitted with the yarn double and Sian's pictures show it in shadesof bright green.  I grabbed colours I had in my stash.  
It's knitted on slightly smaller needles than you would expect which makes the bag nice and firm.  Although it isn't necessary to do so, I lined mine and added a button.    I love slip stitches and was intrigued by this pattern.  I did a few swatches in different colourways.
I haven't found the stitch in any stitch directory yet, so don't know what it's called.  For now, it's Sian's stitch.

The swatch below is in  single strands of double knit on 3.75mm needles.  I think 4mm needles might make this look slightly less 'scrunched'.

This swatch is in aran in natural shades on 5 mm needles.