Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Summer ain't here yet

It's been very warm here, but definitely too early to think that it's here to stay.  I've been thinking about a cropped sleeveles pullover with plenty of ease in it to layer over shirts and take on and off easily in changeable weather. 

In my exploding stash there is something called Georges Picaud Fifi Multicolore, 51% Cotton, 40% Mohair,
4% Acrylic (goodness knows what the other 5% is, it doesn't say on the label).  It's in muted shades of lilac and sage with a cream slub.  Knits up rather nicely.

I don't know where I got this yarn, I think I bought it on a market stall somewhere.    Recommended needle size is 5-6mm.  I've gone for a 4.5mm as I want some 'firmness' in the fabric.  We'll see how that goes.

Decided to have a go at designing my own top.  Much counting, calculating and swearing went on when doing the armhole shaping, and have yet to do the neckline.  I used Debbie Abrahams 'Design Your Own Knits' to get me through.  Some useful tips, but had to be read over and over again before I grasped  the key points.  All experimental, learning lots so nothing lost if it doesn't quite work this time.  Enjoying the journey.

One of many drawings - it changed when I got it onto proportional graph paper