Friday, 3 June 2011

Catching water

My new Pride and Joy.  A cattle trough my Dad bought for me at a farm sale for a tenner.  It had holes in the bottom, which is why it was cheap.  My chap, The Man Who Can, mended the holes and we put it beside the garage.  He found an old piece of cast iron down pipe which he painted his favourite Bedford Green and it now catches rainwater off the garage roof.   Really useful in this dry weather as I have some lime hating plants in pots and they cannot abide our tap water.

I grew some Ox-eye daisies and Comfrey from seed and have planted these around it.  Insects love the Ox-eye daisies and the Comfrey is good for the compost.  I've also planted a Virginia Creeper to grow up the side of the garage.  Hopefully the creepy-crawlies will like that and the wrens will like the creepy-crawlies.

The plants are just getting established, but I hope it will all end up looking a bit wild and natural.