Wednesday, 3 August 2011

And another mystery object

Can you see what it is yet?

This may not look like much, but there is a cunning plan.  Mum has difficulty holding things and uses a wash mitt rather than a flat flannel or washcloth.  This way she doesn't have to grip it, just puts her hand inside.  So, thinking about my large stash of boucle and other cottons, I thought about knitting up some wash mitts as a little present for her birthday.  I'll wrap them with small bars of special scented soap.

The colour is a sort of khaki green and I have put a light blue with it.  Not a combination I would have naturally picked, but the yarn was there and although the photo may not show it well, there is a sort of seaside feel to the combination.

The cotton knits up pretty much as DK and I have used linen stitch which gives a very close texture and should prevent too much bagginess.  When using linen stitch you knit on slightly larger needles than normal for the yarn because of the closeness of the fabric, so I have done this one on 5mm.  Thinking about trying the next on 4mm to see what happens.

Linen stitch is one of my favourite slip stitches and I have knitted all sorts in it and have plans for more.

Mobile phone cover in linen stitch
You can try it in two colours and get interesting effects :

Row 1,  Col 1 :   K1 *yfwd, sl1pw, ybk K1*    last stitch K1
Row 2,  Col 1 :   K1 *sl1pw, yfwd, p1, ybk*    last stitch K1
Row 3,  Col 2 :   As row 1
Row 4,  Col 2 :   As row 2