Wednesday, 24 August 2011

That Late Summer Feeling

Haws - Late Summer Bounty
The hedgerows and the hills are preparing for autumn.  Blossom and buds replaced by fruits and intense colour.

A Confused Blackberry - Blossom and Fruit at the same time
There is an excitement and urgency in the air.   Feed up as much as possible, hoard and make the most of it.  Last winter was long and hard.  Be prepared to hunker down and get yourself fit and strong while you can.

A Small Section of the Ramparts of Sidbury Hill Fort

And on the top of Sidbury Hill in the ancient hillfort, I wonder how those people prepared and how they survived on draughty old Salisbury Plain.  Ancient boundary lines run down from the hillfort to mark out their grazing, but in times of trouble they would withdraw to the fort.  And they clearly expected trouble.  In places these massive ditches must be 30feet deep.  So they dealt with threats from the climate, from lean years and from enemies who would try to take what they had.

On a sunny morning in August this place is serene and beautiful.  I wonder how often they faced the threat of invasion or starvation.