Thursday, 20 October 2011

Another One Finished

Rather Smart

When Mum was still able to knit in any quantity she chose a variegated yarn to make a waistcoat, but didn't buy enough.  So she did the fronts and we decided to buy a dark navy to do the back. Then knitting became more difficult for her and I took it away (some time ago) and finished the back and button bands this week. 

This has come up rather better than I expected and I managed to find some rather snazzy buttons in my button tin which tone in nicely.  Mum will have forgotten all about this project by now and it is being wrapped up for her birthday as a surprise.  Just the right thing for this time of year.

What is so good about this is that she managed to do so much of it and that will please her.


pinkundine said...

It looks really good, and so nice that you could finish your mum's project to give back to her :)