Wednesday, 5 October 2011


Pickpit Hill in the early morning from the base of Sidbury Hill
- it's the bit left of centre with the little clump of trees
Last Friday for my long walk I climbed to the top of Sidbury Hill to look across at Pickpit Hill.  

While I was up on Sidbury Hill walking the Iron Age ramparts I had a chat with the woolly highland cattle that wander the hill and look so at home there.  The burial mounds are clumped and scattered across the landscape below and ancient boundary lines roll out across the landscape.  Pickpit Hill called to me.

Walking back down the hill across the valley and up the other side I battled through some undergrowth to find my way to the top of Pickpit Hill so that I could look back at Sidbury.

Last bit of the ascent of Pickpit Hill - getting a bit tired now
At the top of Pickpit is an ancient burial mound, an Ordnance Survey triangulation point, the remains of a building put there in World War II.  And there are the views of Sidbury Hill across the valley and across Salisbury Plain.

Sidbury Hill from Pickpit Hill

This was an unexpectedly beautiful October morning.  I hadn't set out intending to do both hills but the skyline drew me on.  It took four hours, partly because I stopped on both hills to have an apple and just look at the world.  It was priceless and cost me nothing at all.


pinkundine said...

Beautiful pictures :) Looks like a wonderful walk, great weather for it too!