Sunday, 27 November 2011

Christmas knitting

They look better with a foot in
Finally finished some Christmas Knitting - and it has turned out rather better than I expected (and better than these photos - I rushed them a bit).  These slippers are done in aran knitted double.  They are supposed to have a tassle at the front.  Since these are going to someone with three Yorkshire terriers I think that's tempting fate, so I crocheted some flowers and put a bead in the centre and it's all very, very firmly sewn down. 

I think I shall add some drinking chocolate sachets and other little goodies that might help with a warm and relaxing afternoon watching old films. and cuddling Yorkshire Terriers.  And before you think it, they are the same size, I've just realised that they look different in this photograph.  I'm going to have to start concentrating on the photography a bit more.
Slippers for idling on the sofa