Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Exhausting week

Marilyn - trying to look as if she knows nothing about it

Very exhausting week last week.  We could hear something moving about in the walls and under the floorboards.  Always in the early hours of  the morning.  Fearing the worst I got the pest control man out.  He turned out to be about twelve years old with a mobile phone that rang constantly.  He was extremely laid back.  He only became animated when he saw our bird feeders.  Clearly he does not like bird feeders.  I made him go in the attic because he was annoying me.  He rummaged about a bit, then went away. 

'The Man Who Can', came home from work with a circular saw and we started taking up floorboards.  Finally caught a mouse.  The noise it had been making over the past week, I thought at least a small pony had been running about in there.  I discovered it had stashed about two boxes worth of cat biscuits in The Man Who Can's boots.  Of course, if we didn't have the cat, we wouldn't have the mice.  She brings them in and lets them go.

Needless to say I have been emptying and scrubbing cupboards ever since.  But things are no longer scrabbling in our woodwork and the upside is we found some rather nice wooden floorboards that we didn't know were there.


lyndagrace said...

Apparently, when you interviewed Marilyn, you neglected to go over the finer points of her job responsibilities.
Or maybe she is trying to tell you that she wants a little brother or sister :)

Shay said...

" Of course, if we didn't have the cat, we wouldn't have the mice. She brings them in and lets them go."

And the birds. And the moles. And the shrews....!