Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Beginning to get a thing about fungi

Bracket fungus on a stump surrounded by stinging nettles

Whilst walking a footpath at the back of the local cricket pavilion a few weeks ago, I found this bracket fungus attached to a tree stump. 

It looks really tough and embedded in the wood.  It's curled up around the edges, like a dish shape so that it catches dead leaves and rainwater and I wonder if this is one of the ways it gets nutrients.  It has a weird kind of beauty and power.

I've poked about various websites and books and haven't been able to name it.  What is it with us humans that we have a real fascination with labelling things ?  I think maybe if I name it, then it might lose some of its power.  Am I going a bit strange?

Anyway, as I was poking about, I found this website with all sorts of interesting things in it.