Friday, 23 December 2011

Trying to get Christmassy

Home Made Christmas Wreath
I'm trying to get Christmassy, but have a heavy cold and had to have an emergency tooth extraction this week after breaking a tooth on a lamb chop.  The tooth put up a fight and there was quite a tussle in the dentist's chair, so I've got face ache.  Feeling a bit miserable and low on the energy I need to tackle the Christmassy things I wanted to do.   I am sitting over a heater, listening to IPlayer, finishing up my knitted presents and trying to decide which sort of medication to take next.
Before the cold and the tooth I was very Christmassy and after a visit from the TV aerial man (we were down to two channels) I picked up a bit of waste cable, rolled it and stuck things to it  to make a wreath.  We've had a lot of strong winds and I really didn't expect it to last, but it's still there and still intact.  So is my Christmas tree, in spite of the fact that the TV aerial man watching me put it together had severe doubts.  He kept offering advice and instruction as he worked.  He was right and I had to take it apart twice before the branches were in the right order.


lyndagrace said...

I think that is the most lovely wreath I have ever seen.
I'm sorry that you are feeling so crummy.

Hope that by tomorrow you are feeling much much better.

Happy Holidays.