Sunday, 8 January 2012

January, the time to plan

January - bare trees against a blue sky
Went for a walk on Friday, quite a long one.  Very little caught my eye for a worthwhile photograph.  But that's January.  Time to plan and look ahead, write lists and enjoy a bit of a daydream.  I'm having fun thinking about the '6 things' projects and I keep refining my list of 6 things to aim for  which now stands at :

  • 6 things knitted from the stash
  • 6 WIPs to  be completed
  • 6 new techniques to be mastered
  • 6 things to be knitted that I have never tried before
  • 6 things out of all the above that I am really pleased with
  • 6 photos that I am really pleased with
  • 6 novels of Jane Austen - read them all in 2012