Monday, 6 February 2012

First completed WIP of 2012

Doesn't show the true colour, but shows the 4x4 rib
I've completed my first WIP of 2012 and have been wearing it all week.  A beret, 4ft scarf and arm warmers.  It's in Sirdar Persia in a deep dark blue green.  It's a boucle and not necessarily a really enjoyable knit, but I'm pleased with the result.  I've used it to brighten up long coat I've had for some time.  The scarf drapes rather elegantly at back and front.  When I arrived at work on Monday I was told I looked glamorous.  That's bouyed me up all week.

Coat, scarf and arm warmers on tailor's dummy

Beret modelled on planter in the garden
I tried making a head for my tailor's dummy out of knitting needles and bubble wrap so I could photograph the whole ensemble.  It looked like something Captain Kirk might have discovered during the voyages of the Star Ship Enterprise.  So I gave up and found a planter from the garden.

This is the first of my six WIPs to complete in 2012.


pinkundine said...

Based on the picture on the dummy, I would imagine that you did look very glamorous! Beautiful set :)

lyndagrace said...

Lovely ensemble. It looks squishy, cozy and luxurious .
Good job.