Wednesday, 22 February 2012

This blog has been going for a year

This blog has been going for exactly a year.  I had all kinds of ambitions when I started out.  I occasionally think about stopping because I haven't hundreds of readers and I'm not sure where I'm going.  Then I find, I don't want to stop.  I have created something of value to me and It doesn't matter that I haven't achieved a huge following.

In this blog I have found a space to record some of the things I see and things I love.  It's my space away from other pressures.  If I go on a walk, I don't come back until I have at least one photo that might be blogworthy.  That means I really look at the world as I walk and I've loved it.  It also means some days I walk further to find 'that' photo and that's no bad thing either.  I've become fascinated by wildlife again as I was at ten years old. 

I've discovered that my garden (in spite of some eccentricities) is rather photogenic and I have found that although I have knitted since I was a small girl, I need to improve a lot.  It's when you try and photograph it and write about it, that the little imperfections really show, especially when you look at the wonderful work done by others.  My photography needs to improve as well.

I've met some lovely people in blogland, it's been a good year, I have lots more to aim for.  I'll keep going.


lynn said...

Happy anniversary on your blog! So glad to hear you'll keep it up. I have enjoyed your eye for detail and your insight.

lyndagrace said...

Congratulations on your one year blogiversary.
I happen to love your blog and look forward to your postings. I think your perspectives are so interesting.
I like when you notice colors of a small item such as a leaf and then transfer those same colors to a swatch of knitted fabric.
And I love your photos.
Blogging has done the same for me. I am so much more aware of my surroundings. Instead of looking at things through tired old eyes, I am seeing things as if for the very first time.
Please keep blogging!

Holly said...

I hope you keep going on your blog! I love it! I found you by reading Lynda Grace.

WorstedKnitt said...

Congrats on the anniversary!