Friday, 30 March 2012

Another UFO completed

I started at the beginning of  the year with this.  Mum and my sister had both attempted the lace edging for a sleeve and given up.  When I managed it, I ended up with the whole garment to knit.  I managed to complete it for Mother's Day.  Not a yarn (acrylic) or colour (salmon) I would choose for myself, but it's done.

For spring wear
This is the third of six UFOs I have targeted to finish this year.


lyndagrace said...

Gorgeous. Your knitting is so beautiful. I agree with you about the acrylic, but the color is one that I would wear.

Noreen said...

Oh my. This is beautiful! The feather and fan edging adds a perfect touch. Your mother will love it!

BeHappyKnits said...

Wonderful! I love completing things..and I like the color but agree acrylic is not m favorite

Rachel Proffitt said...

To be honest, I love acrylic. Primarily because wool has a nasty tendency to make me itch and leave red welts all over me! I would rather be able to wear my knitting than not ;)
You did a lovely job though!