Sunday, 25 March 2012


Little splashes of colour
We're having some wonderful spring weather and everything is waking up.  These little miniatures came free last year in a box with something else.  I scattered them all over the garden in a hurry and they are coming up to say hello.   I shall get more, they are very rewarding.

I plant more crocus every autumn, but never seem to get the profusion I hope for.  These have given a good show.  I'll just keep adding some every year.

Primroses - youth and innocence
Primroses have always been my favourite.  There is something inspiring about those pale little flowers standing out against dark green evergreens, spring fresh grass, or dark damp soil.  Hope.


lynn said...

I love all the spring flowers so much. Wish primrose were hardy here. We can buy them in the grocery store to enjoy an the table but they don't survive the winter.
Your garden must be amazing!