Sunday, 4 March 2012

Unravel - avoiding temptation

I avoided temptation
After I had finished the workshop at Unravel I looked to look at each stand (several times) and I didn't buy any yarn.  My resolution held firm.  However, when I made this resolution, nothing was said about patterns, or buttons.

The Textile Garden stand had me hyperventilating with the absolute wondrousness of their buttons.  I bought a silver coloured kilt pin for the next ribbed waistcoat I plan to make.

At Ida's House stand I succumbed to a Bakelite pin box, some buttons and a buckle.

The buckle - I love the styling and the crazed effect

Old plastic buttons, a pale lilac that doesn't show well on screen
In need of a bit of a scrub

I bought five of these tiny 8mm buttons. 
They look almost as if they will burst into life.


pinkundine said...

Those buttons are gorgeous :) I didn't make it to unravel this year (I was in Vegas, so don't feel too sorry for me!) but all the pictures are making me want to go next time!

Noreen said...

I'm drooling over your buttons! What a find!