Friday, 6 April 2012

Obsessed with the Stash

Detail from a 19th century child's jacket - Ukrainian.  Torchon lace at the cuffs
Seen in the embroidery collection at the V&A - posted randomly here because I like it
I have become obsessed with the stash.  I have an embargo on buying and so have spent hours trawling through my patterns, (I won't allow myself to trawl Ravelry right now - that way madness lies).  Trying to match inappropriate old patterns to equally inappropriate yarns in the stash.  Extremely frustrating.  Not quite enough yarn for this, right colour for that but in the wrong weight. 

I had in my mind's eye a little vintage looking cardigan (for which I thought I had a pattern that would fit, but can't find it) in an early summery colour - not a lot of that in stash.    So, the things I have managed to find are none of the above, but might help use something up.  They are :
  • A rather nice mohair cardigan that should swatch up ok in some dark blue Sublime Kid Mohair.  I have masses of it and can't remember why.
  • A favourite sleeveless top pattern which miraculously will work for some dusky pink Silky Look DK given to me by my sister when she ran out of inspiration.  Colour is on trend this year and although I am not a pink person, I can get away with a dusky one.
  • A couple of cotton tops to use up the remains of my disastrous cotton buying phase.  One of these - a two colour pattern will need to be seriously adulterated to get the look I want without running out of the colours.
Now, why do I fiddle about like this?  It's very odd, but I think it's like a puzzle for me.  I just like to sit and figure it out.  It's noon on my day off and I'm still in my jammies.  I have been puzzling away at the stash for nearly five hours.


lynn said...

Call me funny but I love days like that. Dreaming of the possibilities-

lyndagrace said...

I do exactly the same thing. I guess the reason for the stash is buying yarn because it looks so yummy that I have to have it. I figure I would find a pattern later for it. Instead of the other way around.
I have large hanks of alpaca that I bought at a spinning factory. I've assigned those to the container at the bottom of the heap. I figure if I can't see them I won't feel guilty about not using the yarn.