Wednesday, 18 April 2012

On top of Sidbury Hill, from inside the ramparts looking out across Salisbury Plain
Out walking on Friday 13th April.  Delighted to see in the woodland several Speckled Wood Butterflies.  Unfortunately they were not obliging enough to pose for the camera.  It was a warm sunny day and they danced through the dappled shade, but as soon as a cloud came over and it got a little chillier they took cover.
See the Speckled Wood on the UK Butterflies website

The hill is sprinkled with violets and white blossom of blackthorn and out on the lower slopes in an arid chalky patch of ground I found this little treasure.

This time the books aren't helping me.  I haven't been able to identify this yet.  Maybe a Storksbill?


Lynn said...

What a sweet little flower. I love that kind of treasure hunting.