Sunday, 13 May 2012

Hidden Treasures

My Favourite shady Wiltshire walk
I have fallen behind on the walking for one reason and another so on Friday I made myself get out in the fresh air.  I make a point of not turning for home until I have found something to photograph, but tired and aching and uninspired and feeling a little low I started back without a picture, choosing my favourite shady walk which is an old track way covered over by hawthorn and crab apple and dense with blackthorn.

In the space of two hundred yards I found all these little treasures opening their early flowers for the insects.

Ransoms (Wood Garlic)

Bluebell - we get very few around here - not the swathes of blue  I knew as a child in Hampshire
Lords and Ladies, or Cuckoo Pint - distinctive dark splodges on the leaves

Garlic Mustard
Mouse-ear flower among Goose Grass leaves