Sunday, 27 May 2012

Vintage Slip Stitch Pattern

From Needlework Illustrated 1950
I still haven't been able to sit down to serious knitting.  It's weeks and weeks now.  I cast on, look at the stitches and feel slightly icky. There is so much going on that I don't seem to be able to make myself sit still and concentrate.  So, in times like these - I swatch.

Slip Stitch With No Name
And what better to swatch than a slip stitch.  I'm still into green and white (or off-white) and thought this pattern  from 1950 looked interesting.  The original is in grey and white according to the instructions.  The original pattern was in something called Dewhursts 'Tuffle' - a cotton  yarn.  This may be in Barbara Walker or Mary Thomas somewhere and when I have a few minutes I'll see if I can find a name for it.

There is an error in the instructions and I had to figure it out.  I may be wrong with the change I have made, but I quite like the effect anyway.  That's the beauty of slip stitch.

Multiple of 2 plus 1

Rows 1-4 (green) stocking stitch
Change to white
Row 5   K1 (slip 1, keep yarn at back of work, k.1) to end
Row 6   K1 (yarn forward, slip 1, yarn back,  k1) to end
Change to green
Row 7   Slip1 (k.1, slip1 keeping yarn at the back of the work) to end.
Row 8   Slip 1(yarn back, k.1, yarn forward, slip 1) to end
Row 9 and 10   K1(slip 1, k1) to end, always keeping yarn to wrong side of work.

The error in the original pattern is in row 7 where it says,
Slip 1 (k1 keeping yarn to back of work) to end.

That doesn't make any sense, so I put in my version.


lyndagrace said...

You know what I love, I love the way you swatch. Each is a little work of art.

By the way, thank you for you kind words and thoughts that you left on my post a couple of days ago.