Friday, 8 June 2012

A Bit Wild and Woolly

Can't see the path
The garden has gone mad due to loads of rain and short bursts of sun.  We have here Forget-Me-Nots, just going over, Poppies just coming out, (orange - I wanted pink, Hey-ho) and a big clump of Wall Germander at the front still green.  This will soon be covered in small pink flowers.  There is also lots of thyme and the lavender is on its way.

The red thing on the right comes out in enormous clumps and I can never remember the name of it.  There are also pink Geraniums, and the yellow patch upper right is Woad.  I finally got it to grow.

Since I took these photos a couple of weeks ago, everything really bloused out and became much more colourful and now we have wind and rain to batter it all down.

London Pride, Geranium and the red thing I can't remember the name of