Sunday, 17 June 2012

Garter Slip Stitch

Garter Slip Stitch
This one is perhaps the simplest slip stitch of all.Garter Slip Stitch. It gives quite a dense, firm stitch unlike ordinary garter.  If you like the texture of garter stitch, but want less of the stretch, then this is really useful. A little boring in a single colour, it takes on a little life when you use two colours and here I tried two shades of green.  I could see it on pocket flaps and cuffs, on hats.  Possibly not very exciting made up into a bag,  but it would do a nice firmly structured jacket.

The two shades of green look good in real life, but don't come across well on the screen.  I'll have to look for colours that 'pop' more.  Something I have learned - think about the medium.
Always worth taking a look at the wrong side.  Rather a nice effect.  
Multiple of 2 + 1
Cast on in Main colour
1st row : (right side) using Main colour, knit
2nd row  : Knit
3rd row : Using Contrast colour, k1, *sl 1 purlwise, k1; rep from * to end.
4th row : Using Contrast, knit.
Rep. these 4 rows


Anonymous said...

Could this be done with only one color and one strand? (like, one color and you don't have to work two balls at the same time)

Julie said...

All slip stitches can be done with one colour. Sometimes just to achieve a denser fabric and sometimes to achieve an interesting texture.

I like colour changes - doing different rows in different colours - you never use more than one colour on any row. Once you start the variations are endless.