Sunday, 22 July 2012

La Plage

It's called 'La Plage'
A pleasurable make, this design for a striped moss stitch bag originated as an exercise for a knit workshop. I have developed it a bit since then.  It's made in three shades of cotton yarn and lined.  It has a crochet chain handle using six strands of the yarn for strength.  The top of the bag is reinforced with strips of plastic so that it holds its shape when it's being carried.  

The colour of wet rocks
And the button - from my vintage collection. That's not a reflection of the stripe.  It really does have a marbled pink stripe running through it that matches the yarn.  It's that sort of thing that makes my life complete.

Of course, ideally I would have pictured it on a sandy beach with appropriate props.  Sandy beaches a bit scarce in Wiltshire.  Maybe I should start a 'Stonehenge' line.