Friday, 31 August 2012

Hundreds of Things a Girl Can Make

A Telephone Cover

At a recent car boot sale I picked up for 50p a wonderful book called 'Hundreds of Things a Girl Can Make'. Contents range from Pineapple Lemonade and Sherbet Powder to Labels and  How To Grow Lettuces.  I would say it's 1930s.  There is no date in it and no dust wrapper, maybe there never was one.  

There are 160 pages of ideas.  Some of them are quite ambitious, for instance, building your own wardrobe.  The book is inscribed to 'To Maria from Aunty Joan'.  I hope Maria got along with it.  I feel the book puts one under a certain amount of pressure.  I had books like this and I could never make anything in them.

The picture above for a telephone cover is accompanied by the following text.

'A telephone is about as ugly as it is useful, and any scheme which is successful in hiding it or making it look like something else is worth considering'


Rachael said...

I should think that a telephone cover that grand and that pretty would have looked very nice in some homes especially in a bedroom. The books sounds very interesting and what a bargain!