Friday, 24 August 2012

Styling Knitwear in the 1950s

Nice cardigan - shame about the bird's nest
I'm thinking about writing something on how changing social attitudes and mores are reflected in knitting patterns.  This lady has obviously been 'bird nesting' and is about to blow out this egg to put in her collection.  Now an illegal practice.

The RSPB says,

'It has been illegal to take the eggs of most wild birds since the Protection of Birds Act 1954 and it is illegal to possess or control any wild birds' eggs taken since that time under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981.
It is illegal to sell any wild bird's egg, irrespective of its age'.

What defeats me is that Jaeger ever thought this was an appropriate image, even in the early 1950s.  


Rachel Proffitt said...

Perhaps she is supposed to be rescuing the nest and egg after it had blown out of a tree?

Noreen said...

Yipes, how odd--the bird's egg in her hand and the nest in her lap. You're right, though, a nice sweater!