Wednesday, 26 September 2012

More Treasure

Sketch from Odhams Encyclopedia of Needlecraft
Found at a car boot sale, Odhams Encyclopedias of Needlecraft and Cookery dating from 1953 for £1 each.

I love old needlecraft books that give sketches illustrating figure types and design and fit.  I have them from the 30s right through to the 70s.  I gave up at the 80s when fit seemed to cease to matter.  Odhams encyclopedias are beautifully done and so informative.  I already had the knitting one and didn't realise there were others out there.

Now that I have Beulah's Vintage Attic as an outlet for my dressing up habit I have perfected my early 1950s outfit and last week (thanks to a very handy car boot) now have a passable early-mid 1940s outfit.
I'm on the hunt for stockings with a seam down the back.  On Friday evening we went to a Blitz or Ritz party at Beulah's.  Wonderful.  The Man Who Can wanted to go as a U-Boat captain, but we couldn't get the hat, so went as a tweedy gentleman.  I glammed up a bit and surprised myself slightly.

There are all sorts of events planned at Beulah's and we have a wonderful 2 page spread write up in Salisbury Life.  If you are anywhere in the Salisbury /  Andover area and you love vintage, then Beulah's is not far away from you at Shipton Bellinger just off the A303 above the auction house.  All sorts of vintage and hand crafted goodies to buy, lovely people to meet and very good coffee and cake.
Open daily from 10:00am (11:00am on Sundays) and late night opening on Thursdays (when the Upstairs Stitchers club is in residence).