Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Knit for Victory!

From Needlewoman and Needlecraft Issue No. 13
To coincide with Wool Week and National Knitting Week (Monday 15th to Sunday 21st October), Beaker Button will spend the week immersed in the 1940s, dressing in 1940s clothing, listening to music and eating food from the time.   For details see... 

There will be Make Do and Mend demonstrations and that put me in mind of my collection of wartime craft magazines.  This article is headed by a commendation from the Board of Trade

'THE BOARD OF TRADE are most grateful to Needlewoman and Needlecraft Magazine for offering a whole page especially for the use of 'Make Do and Mend' ideas.  This will be a very valuable contribution to the Board of Trade campaign to assist the public with their clothes problems'.

The article then goes on to describe the socks.  

'These two piece socks are a really economical idea, for several new foot portions can be knitted from oddments of wool (colour does not matter) and all that has to be done when the original foot is beyond repair is just to unpick the ankle seam and sew in a new foot in place of the old one.  This can be quite easily done by any man and will be a boon to the lads serving away from home'.