Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Mum's Fingerless Mittens

Mum has restricted mobility due to stroke and is always cold.  Ordinary gloves are difficult for her to put on, so these are especially designed for her.

I used a basic fingerless mitten pattern and adapated it so that :
  • There is no ribbing at the cuff, I used moss stitch which pulls in a little, but not so tightly that mum struggles to get her hand in
  • Moss stitch is also used at the finger ends to pull the glove in slightly around her fingers, but not too tightly
  • The embroidered 'R' tells her which one is the right hand mitt and is also her initial
  • The yarn is Artesano 100% alpaca bought at I Knit in London and the stripes are designed to use all three colours that I had bought
  • The gold detail at the finger ends is a stripe of moss stitch, (but I found I couldn't get it exactly the same on each glove)
The yarn is so soft and cuddly that these are a pleasure to wear and I am tempted to steal them back.