Friday, 1 July 2011


Stink Bug
Found this little bug (dead, unfortunately) on the bathroom windowsill.  It's a kind of shield bug, also known as stinkbug.
When I did a little research I found this website gardensafari which I am going to spend some time with as it has wonderful insect photographs.

My bug certainly looks like their picture of Troilus Luridus, but apparently one sure way to tell is a striking yellow patch on its antenna and I don't see that in my photograph.

Apparently this little bug is used as a natural pest control in agriculture.

I like its colour and texture and the way the scales on its back come together like the front of a rather nice pair of sandals.  I wonder what else could be done with those shapes?

Apparently, The Man Who Can found it dead inside his shirt when he got it from the airing cupboard.  So he thoughtfully put it on the windowsill.  Over the fifteen years we have been together I have found he is incapable of throwing anything into a waste bin.  Even a dead bug.  Still, I got these photos out of it, so mustn't complain.


BeHappyKnits said...

Okay, admittedly not a comment on the bug, but thank you for sharing your garden. I live in the desert, and while it is beautiful here, it is so nice to see lush flowers while I linger in the heat!