Monday, 4 July 2011

I is for Innocent Pleasures

When the day is a bit grim, when I'm feeling a bit down, a bit tired, or like today - a bit under the weather, some things will make me smile.

Mrs Beeton has crept into my poetry section

Books - the look, touch and smell
of old books
(and new books)

The Isley Brothers 'Summer Breeze'

Sitting out late on a warm evening watching for bats

Marilyn Among the Wallflowers

Watching a sleeping cat


 Cleaning something and it actually looking like it's been cleaned (everyone notices when you don't do housework, nobody notices when you do).
Casting on a precious new yarn

Artisan Yarns Silky Merino 'Rainbow Lover'

Mid-Late '40's??  Bit of a Tyrol influence

Meandering through my collection
of old knitting patterns

Tiny wrens getting cross with anything that moves in their territory.

The scent from the herb garden and the sounds as the bees work away there.

Lavendar - can't get enough of it and I just keep on planting it.

Going through my assortment 
The Blue/Coral selection

of junk jewellery to find
interesting colour

All these things can make me smile.


witchyknits4ewe said...

Very good post - your kitty is so cute! I love your jewelry collection - very cool! It is so nice to have small things to make us happy!

Peppermint Mocha Mama said...

That yarn is gorgeous - and how cruel of you not telling us what it is going to be!

Sara said...

Oh I love this post! Starting with old books (I love to smell old books) and ending with some gorgeous jewelry. Add a dash of cat and I am in a good mood. Thanks for letting me vicariously enjoy some innocent pleasures!

Christine said...

Gorgeous! Can I come rummage through your jewellery & peruse yor bookshelf?

Julie said...

A lot of this is, I'm afraid, the result of many years collecting 'stuff'. A little bit here, a little bit there - suddenly we have a bit of a space problem.