Wednesday, 20 July 2011

The current WIP

The current WIP (which was a UFO that I picked up from last summer) is a waterfall front, three quarter length sleeve drapey bolero from the Sirdar Flirt pattern book no. 371.
I've chosen to do this in Rowan Damask.  (57% viscos, 22% linen, 21% acrylic).  It's definitely drapey.

Got a few worries.  On revisiting it I am unconvinced about my choice of  yarn.  This happens often as I hardly ever knit anything in the yarn stated and some of my choices have been - eccentric.  I do it because I want the silhouette in a particular colourway.  And I just like to see what will happen.

It's got a weird construction and right now I seem to have all two shapeless lengths of knitting that look to me like they will never make anything, let alone a drapey bolero. So the jury's still out on that.

Second problem is I have just finished a ball of yarn and can't find where I put the rest.  It's in the stash somewhere, but the stash has reached legendary proportions.  I've been through the boxes, so it must be on the shelves which are really packed so that if you pull something out the whole lot comes tumbling down.  Looks like I am in for an afternoon of searching and tidying.  Oh well, it's raining, so no gardening in prospect.