Friday, 22 July 2011

The Stash

Part of the shelved section

The stash is giving trouble.  It's out of control.  I don't know what's in there any more and it constantly surprises me. 

Time for a re-think on how I am managing this. 

I have been collecting yarn for years and not necessarily with any purpose in mind, just simply because it came my way, or because it took my fancy. 

And Oh Deary Me I've got a problem now. 

If I can find a pattern, I can't find the yarn and if I can find the yarn I can't find a pattern.  Instead of resorting to going out and buying more yarn which then gets lost in the Bermuda Triangle of my boxes and shelves, I should rationalise and use what I have.

So, here's a mid-summer resolution.  Introduction of some order and control.


BeHappyKnits said...

Althought I don't keep up with it as I should, a solution to your problem might be a spreadsheet. PUt the weight of the yarn, the color, amount, name and list it all in a spreadsheet. That way you know what you have. Also include on the spreadsheet the yarn's location. In theory this should work...the one problem I have with mine is adding new yarn when I buy it. Someday I hope to be organized with my yarn!