Monday, 15 August 2011

O is for Old Cars

1936 Hudson Terraplane 4 Door Saloon
O is for Old Cars, next letter in the ABC meme.

I am rather fond of old cars, the styling and colours.  All sorts of interesting shapes and patterns can be found.

1939 Plymouth
The square headlights on this Plymouth are extremely rare,  they only made them for a year and what catches my eye is the art deco influence in the red paint detail at the top.

1930's Triumph Dolomite
For some reason, this makes me think of Madonna's bustier phase.

Can't remember what this is - seen at the Great Dorset Steam Fair
I'm very taken by the combination of rust and mustard colours set against the blue shepherd's hut in the background.  There's a hint of dirty green in there as well.

Moss Stitch - single row stripes in five colours



pinkundine said...

Love the photos you chose, the styling of those old cars is beautiful. Seeing your inspiration pic next to the swatch you made for it is very cool too :)

lyndagrace said...

I love the photo of the old rusty car and the way you picked up the colors in your swatch. Very cool!