Wednesday, 17 August 2011

What we did at the weekend

Angry clouds

Recently we went to a steam fair at South Cerney in Gloucestershire.  It rained.  Heavily.  Forked lightening, the lot.

But for a couple of hours when it stopped raining and there were lots of things to see.

In the poultry tent a sat a hen with her feathers ruffled out while several chicks nestled under cover.  But we waited and the chicks, either getting too hot, or just plain curious, peeped out their little heads to watch the crowds pass.

A Very Fine Fellow - I like his tweedy headgear
The photos aren't great because the poultry tent is quite dark and, of course, to use flash on the camera would cause all kinds of distress to the birds.

Close-up of plumage of a Wyandotte hen
I love the plumage of the Wyandotte hens and seek them out when I see a poultry tent.   Black and white ripples.  So classy. 

The rain stayed off long enough for us to see an excellent falconry display presented by the Falconry Days team from Warwickshire.  The best falconry display I have ever seen, with Max as its star.

Max a male Gyr/Saker Falcon