Monday, 12 September 2011

'S' is for success (well, sort of)

The finished bolero
Yessss, a bit of Success.  The next instalment in 'An Accidental Knitter's' ABC meme.

This is the drapey bolero which has given me so much concern.  When I finished knitting I had two very long strips of knitting and really couldn't believe that they would make a bolero, but wahooo! 

On the blocking board

I knit a fair bit for myself, but because I experiment a lot, the results are a bit patchy.  Against all expectations I am rather pleased with this.

This bolero was a Sirdar Flirt pattern knitted in Rowan Damask, (I don't know why I do things like that), but actually I am rather pleased with it.  My other bit of success is that I have lost a stone in weight so that the bolero actually fits me rather better then I expected.

The view of the back reminds me of a sort of Georgian brocade.

We have a saying in our family.  If ever asked to assess someone's new outfit and unsure how to break bad news gently, our diplomatic response will be, "It looks nice from the back".


pinkundine said...

It looks great, congrats on your success! I love the neckline, it looks very flattering on the dummy so I bet it looks fab on you :)

Charlotte said...

I love the bolero, well done you! And well done on losing weight, not very easy to do!

witchyknits4ewe said...

Very beautiful! I love the color and it is very flattering in the front!!