Thursday, 8 September 2011

Very Sad

Hungry Cat
Hungry Cat was put to sleep yesterday morning after succumbing to a very severe skin complaint which became infected.  At the end he did not look like the beautiful strong boy in this picture.  He was suffering and it took me two days to catch him so that I could get him to the vet. 

Hungry cat was feral and although he allowed us to feed him we always had to keep our distance.  He could have lived with us, but chose to live rough.  He often arrived with new scars and wounds and we were never sure what he'd been up to.  He survived it all until this time when he picked up something, probably from foxes and it took him over.  This time there was not going to be a recovery.  We are sad that he ended his days in fear and pain in a strange place, but he is out of pain now.

A beautiful boy


pinkundine said...

Sorry to hear that :( Like you say though, at least he isn't in pain any more

BeHappyKnits said...

So Sorry.