Monday, 19 September 2011

T is for Tatti

T is for Tatti - another post in An Accidental Knitter's ABC meme.

Tatti is one of my sister's Yorkshire Terriers and the only one that sits still long enough to be photographed.

Tatti had a hard start in life.  She was apparently abandoned on the streets of Portsmouth at about two months old, possibly by a puppy farmer when it became apparent that her ears were not 'right' for a pure breed.  Imagine the terror of a little dog alone on the street.

Tatti was taken in as a rescue dog with another little dog called Daisy who had been a breed bitch in a puppy farm.  At last they had a happy home, but it wasn't long before their new owner became very seriously ill and life became uncertain once more. 

In stepped my sister, taking both little dogs who by this time each had their own set of issues.  Tatti was very nervous, widdling at the slightest provocation.  Daisy took exception to people in trousers who came through doorways suddenly.  Teeth were bared, flesh was punctured.

My sister and her husband are endlessly forgiving and firm with their discipline.  Move on two years and with a huge amount of patience and love Tatti has become very cuddly. Daisy is now more tolerant, loves attention from her favourite people but has never learned to cuddle.  And they have been joined by a little brother Pinksie, the escape artist (formerly known as Prince).

The most wonderful sight is this little dog, Tatti, sitting in my brother in law's arms with her head on his shoulder wearing a completely soppy, devoted and trusting expression.  She came through it all and rewards us with love and laughs.

Tatti in the cable coat I made for her Christmas 2009
- more interested in food than posing for the camera.


pinkundine said...

Aw, my nanny had a dog just like Tatti, she was called Pepper :) The picture was uncanny, could have been the same dog!

lyndagrace said...

Tatti is adorable. And I do believe red is her color.
I have a little Maltese who drives me nuts sometimes. But when he looks up at me I kinda melt. They are little fur babies.