Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Leg Warmers

Been trying to photograph my own leg - it's not really that shape, it's the angle of the camera.

 I have become obsessed with leg warmers.  I hope this isn't advance warning of another bad winter, like an excess of Old Man's Beard in the hedgerows and rats nesting facing south.

I think it actually started when I bought a pair of brown cords when racing round the shops (I hate shopping). When I got them home that they are really tight fitting all the way down the leg.  With my shape that is not necessarily a flattering style, so I thought, baggy leg warmers.  Balance the silhouette up a bit and that will look fine with my walking boots ( or weird, but deliberately so).

The first pair are quite tight fitting and so don't necessarily achieve the desired effect.  I wanted to use yarn from the stash so took a Sirdar Eco Wool DK in a sort of soft dark greyish brown and a vintage 4 ply (Falcon Superior) in rust and knitted them together.  It's come up at around aran weight and the effect is ok.

It's given me lots of ideas for using up the rather varied contents of my stash.


pinkundine said...

I hate trying to take pictures of my legs/feet - they always look bizarre somehow! Love the legwarmers, they look great :)