Friday, 23 September 2011

Another Pair of Leg Warmers

Finished the second pair of leg warmers.  These are done in King Cole Ocean - picked up a few balls in a bargain bucket.  It's the colour I was after (sort of creamy) and the slub gives them texture.  They are done in K3,P3 rib and sewn up the sides because I was experimenting and too idle to work out the sizing properly.  I'll do the next set on DPNs, but I've really got to stop knitting leg warmers now and get on with some other bits.

Evenings are drawing in now and the days are cloudy.  Finding it really difficult to take good photos and keep the colours true.  Upside is, as soon as we get to this time of year I really get my knitting fever going.  Has to be good news for the stash.


pinkundine said...

I like the texture that the yarn gives, looks great :)