Monday, 26 September 2011

U is for Underwear

Late twenties - early thirties
U is for Underwear, another post in An Accidental Knitter's ABC meme.

Advertisement on the back of the pattern for the combinations
I don't recall ever having any knitted underwear, but I rather hanker after a knitted silk camisole.  Maybe one day.  Drawers are quite another thing and I don't think I could ever reconcile myself to knitted drawers.

Stitchcraft 1947 - described as 'snug fitting briefs'
The ones below are handsewn and are rather more appealing.  I've made the ones in the centre for a doll.  They are "French panties finished at the top and bottom with a facing and opened at both sides by means of short plackets."  There is something rather lovely about handsewn underwear.

From a Women's Institute publication - first published in the mid Thirties
The WI publication describes each of the styles and then goes on to explain how to make all the special features; the placket, the waist panel in the style shown lower left and the scallops at the top.

"...every woman can have dainty, neat, well-fitting lingerie if she chooses her materials carefully and her designs wisely, and if she does her sewing skilfully."


pinkundine said...

Hand-sewn underwear does sound fantastically luxurious, but I agree that hand knitted drawers don't appeal (and I love that you called them drawers btw!)

lyndagrace said...

Now I understand where Victoria's Secret get's their inspiration.

witchyknits4ewe said...

Now THAT was an interesting post!!! I don't think I would ever knit myself underwear - you're right - the sewn ones seem more appealing!