Wednesday, 26 October 2011

An October Walk

Walking below Ashdown Copse looking towards Sidbury Hill
On a walk in mid October I can begin to feel the grey part of the year approaching.  There are little accent snatches of bluest harebell and deep purple/pink ragged robin still to be seen all jostled roughly by a strong wind blowing across the hillside.

And then there was this little flower. 
The Common Rock Rose
The hillside was simply covered with this plant although only a few flowers remained and I can only imagine what it must be like when out in full flower, so I have to be sure to go back.  It's a form of helianthemum.  I grow a strong red variety in my garden.  It clearly likes chalky soil a lot.

The tussocky hillside smothered in helianthemum plants
On the top of this hill was an ancient field system and a burial mound.  The mound had been dug into and turned into an observation post during World War II, like so many around here.  There was something a little creepy up there and I don't know whether it was just the turn of the year or my mood, or my sadness about the burial mound, or the grey sky.  A jay flew into the woodland, a very shy bird and I noticed how very silent is their flight.  Ghostly.

I was cheered up by a flock of long tailed tits rushing through the bushes looking for berries.  Hard to be melancholy when you see their dapper little bodies busying about and all vying for the best pickings.