Friday, 28 October 2011

Patterns in Nature

Patterns in tree bark
I was intrigued to see these patches in tree bark because they reminded me of something.  It's almost like an aboriginal art.

A stripey branch
I've tried to find pictures on the web to illustrate what I mean, but I haven't found anything that comes close.  So I'm reverting to a photo of a hollow log coffin that I took at the British Museum a while back.  It does nothing to support my fancy that the tree bark looks like an aboriginal painting, but I like it anyway for the shapes and colour. 
Aboriginal Hollow Log Coffin at the British Museum
Which moves me on to another theory that I must research.  Artefacts like the hollow log coffins and other aboriginal works often remind me of European design in the 1950s and I wonder if that's when these works were being discovered and first valued as works of art.  I know so little about this subject.  What a wonderful world.  So much to find out.