Monday, 31 October 2011

Z is for Zumbador

Zumbador was one of the words in the 'words beginning with Z' list I found on the internet.  The defninition gave it as a South American bird.  I researched it a little further and found that it seems to be Spanish for hummingbird.  And then I found this little film clip.  I love watching birds and if you have a minute or two do take a look.  It's happy-making.

Zumbador reminds me of the old West Country word  for a bumble bee 'dumbledore'. 

And then I started looking at videos of Zumba classes.  Wow. 

Now that does look like fun.  I love the music and there was a time when I could have moved like that.  Not so sure now.

So, we are at the end of our ABC.  It's been great, I've met some wonderful people and learned lots. 
Thanks everyone.


pinkundine said...

Zumba frightens me a little - it looks fun but I'm not sure I can make my body do that!

Cute video of the bird :)

Napiligal said...

Very cute. The yellow flower with the white things sticking out is a shrimp plant. Loved the music

Debbie said...

I have the Zumba game on order from Lovefilm (not yet ready to share my wobbly bits at a class just yet!). Great Z post :)