Wednesday, 2 November 2011

A Very Extraordinary Pig

You see, I don't make toys really.  I kind of know that it's not my thing.  But mum's craft club is having a charity stall at the end of November and I thought I would muck in, so to speak.  So along with some hats and gloves and slippers, I  had a go at making a pig.

He's just under 6 inches high (about 14cm in new money) and very, very round.  The legs are not stuffed, just knitted and sewn on. He's not quite what I expected.  Or rather, he is what I expected, knowing my skill at toy making, but probably not quite what the designer expected.  I thought I  might put a label on him saying either,

"Please look after this pig"  (which is plagiarising Paddington Bear really)


"Please do not feed this pig
Because his tummy is too big".

I'm looking for those old fashioned brown card parcel labels to use on him and on the hats and gloves so I can give sizes.  Can't get 'em anywhere.


pinkundine said...

Have you tried poundland (or similar) for the labels? I'm sure I've found some in there before. Worth a shot maybe?

The pig is very cute, and I love the second little note to go with him ;)