Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Where is this blog going? Notes to self...

Norwegian Door Jamb 1050-1070
Because I like it
Blogging is therapeutic and allows me to keep a record of things I love and want to share with others.  But there are things to think about now.  The blog is 8 months old.  We are moving into winter a bit of a seasonal change is in the wind.  The temptation is to move right into another meme as the ABC meme hosted by An Accidental Knitter comes to a close, but I have challenged myself here.  Do I need to focus on finding a voice?

Today I've looked at the Blog Hub Group on Ravelry and read through the hints and tips experienced bloggers have given on others' sites.  (How generous these people are with their time).

This prompted me to make notes to myself:
  • Pictures need to be bright and cheery.  Many of mine are, but some are a bit  muted.
  • There needs to be more focus on the writing style
  • There need to be more references to other peoples' blogs and links to websites that might interest readers.  I'm not doing enough to contribute to the blog community
  • The profile may need a bit of a revamp
  • Bit more radical - Have I got one blog here or two?  There are the craft bits, the nature and countryside bits, the vintage bits.  Do they work altogether, or does one thing dilute another?  I really don't know the answer to this.  I like multi-faceted blogs, but I have seen critiques that encourage greater focus in blogs.
The search will continue for other thoughts and ideas and comments are welcome.


pinkundine said...

I was thinking of what to do when the ABC meme comes to a close. I think I shall continue to have mondays as a bit more of a random topic day (I love doing the random word posts, so I'll probably carry them on!)

I like to have a bit of variety in my blog, so it has a lot of knitting but also some sewing, some cooking and some jabbering about nothing in particular. I think blogs are more engaging if they give you an idea of the person behind them, rather than being 100% focused on one thing. Too much variety can make it a bit confusing, but a little makes it more fun in my opinion :)

BeHappyKnits said...

I find the nature, countryside and vintage bits inspiring for my knitting. If you are worried about putting it all together maybe indicate how they tie in for you. And I have loved all your pictures. I live in the desert, so it is fun to see another part of the world.